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Paltapamba S2-21
San Pedro del Valle, Nayón
Quito, Ecuador
Apartado Postal 17-22-20069



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About us




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About place


The Mashpi Shungo Farm and Reserve is located in the county of Pacto (within Pichincha province), at 500 m.a.s.l. (meters above sea level), in the foothills of the western mountain range of the ecuadorean northern Andes. This farm/reserve is part of the Area of Conservation and Sustainable Use Mashpi-Guaycuyacu & Sahuangal, an initiative that seeks the generation of a territory wherein forest conservation, water resources, biodiversity and sustainable productive practices work in harmony to guarantee food autonomy, economic well being, as well as sustainable energy.

This property has an extension of 56.6 hectares (140 acres), of which 80% is forest in natural regeneration (the Reserve), and in the remaining percentage a total of 5 hectares of ecological restoration with cacao and others are managed in systems of analog forestry, together with an artisanal workshop for the production of organic chocolates and housing.

The management of the farm has a permacultural focus, we try to develop our daily activities in accordance to nature laws. There is an understanding and respect for the natural cycles of the soil, water and environment. We believed that organic agriculture is a tool that allows us to transform our society in order to live in a fair way among humans and the rest of beings that inhabit the planet. This philosophy is supported by Fundación Imaymana and the National Corporation of Protected Forests of Ecuador, these are both allies in our search to live in armony with nature.