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Paltapamba S2-21
San Pedro del Valle, Nayón
Quito, Ecuador
Apartado Postal 17-22-20069


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About Reserve


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¿What is Inti Llacta Reserve?


Intillacta Reserve is a remnant cloud forest of 86 hectares. It was founded 1984 and is located in Nanegalito, Pichincha Province, Ecuador, with an elevation ranging from 1700 to the 1900 m.s.n.m. Our project seeks to develop more sustainable livelihoods based on principles of agro-ecology and nature conservation.

The main low-impact activity that helps keep the reserve fund and conservation practices is the nature and adventure tourism: Canopy, trails, climbing trees and canopy bridges. In our adventure circuit, nature is discovered from a different perspective, an unprecedented and original way.

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Environmental awareness is a crosscutting issue in all activities of the Reserve, where visitors and volunteers receive lectures on ecology, climate change, the importance of ecosystem conservation and ethics in the use of natural resources on the planet, while conducting adventure activities in a natural environment.
We are an ecological reserve involved in local sustainable development of our communities, where we identify and feel part of rural life. We see ourselves as a multicultural territory mega diverse and agro diverse, where we share and seek from our way of life to build the Sumak Kawsay with neighbors and sustainable projects developed in the territory. We are an active part of the conservation and sustainable area of Rio Pachijal is located in the Chocó, one of the richest in biodiversity and endangered regions of the planet.



We gladly receive those interested in exchanging information, expertise and support in different development projects within the reserve. During their visit in the reserve, volunteers learn about different topics related to life in the field, the practice of conservation and sustainable tourism.

 The main areas of volunteering programs work and Internship are

        Agro forestry and organic agriculture: fermented organic fertilizers based on microbiology planting, maintenance, and monitoring of greenhouse, and coffee production area.

·         Ecological restoration of degraded pastures and practice and research.

        Ecoturism: design and maintenance of infrastructure, developing of innovative alternatives, managing of groups for adventure, birdwatching and nature tourism in general.

·         Research on wildlife in the cloud forest: emphasis on endangered species.

·         Facilities for internships: internship, theses, doctoral and research projects in general.

·         Projects of environmental education for schools, colleges and companies.

        Social work; teaching English, environmental education, computer use, art and any other activity related with the improvement of the social conditions of children and teenagers of the local community.