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Paltapamba S2-21
San Pedro del Valle, Nayón
Quito, Ecuador
Apartado Postal 17-22-20069


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About us

pambiliño reserva

Pambiliño Reserve & Educational farm

Pambiliño Reserve & Educational Farm is an Independent Conservation Project, and a space where nature herself teaches us the forgotten knowledge we all have within us. We believe that direct self experiencing of nature is the path to recover the tools and skills to live more sustainably in the current world. At Pambiliño we promote conservation and education in the Chocó Rain Forest of Ecuador by working with the forest, with the community of Mashpi, with institutions and organizations, students, volunteers, teachers and anyone interested in rain forest conservation and sustainability.


The reserve is located in the tropical rainforest of the Ecuadorian Chocó bioregion. This ecosystem is highly threatened by intensive agriculture and pasture, practices that have been around for 30 years and had caused great impact in the native forest.

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Pambiliño ecological reserve is inside the territory of a natural protected area of the municipality of Quito (ACUS Mashpi-Guaycuyacu-Sahuangal). This area has 17,156 hectares and includes 7 communities with a population of around 5,500 inhabitants.

We have actively participated in the declaration of this conservation area that took place in June 2011 in the council of the municipality of Quito.

We work continuously for the sustainable development of the communities inside the protected area, especially in the neighboring community of Mashpi.


For more information about Pambiliño and its volunteer programs visit: