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Paltapamba S2-21
San Pedro del Valle, Nayón
Quito, Ecuador
Apartado Postal 17-22-20069
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  • bomarea pardina inti

    Intillacta Reserve is a conservation and responsible tourism project that works closely related with local development.

  • Pambilino inicio1

    Our main objective is to create a space to re-establish our connections with nature, and to generate practical projects towards a more harmonious way of life with the natural environment

  • Mashpishungo inicio4

    We are tropifarmers (farmers from the tropics) committed to artisanal chocolate making, perpetuating sustainable and traditional ways of agriculture.

  • Mangaloma Inicio1

    Mangaloma Reserve protects 200 hectares of forests at the western foothills of the Andes, part of the Chocó region. 

  • el moro reserva

    At El Moro we produce honey. We manage an apiary of 10 beehives and we work for seed conservation.

  • Guaycuyacu Inicio

    For 30 years, RIO GUAYCUYACU RESERVE has manifest its passion for the conservation of biodiversity.


Imaymana Foundation constantly seeks coordinated work with various actors in northwestern pichincha. Learn more about the institutions with which we work and the processes that are being made.